Air Handling Unit Single Decker

air handling unit single checker is precision conditioning euipments

We deal in an assortment of air handling units (AHU), industrial air conditioning equipment and precision air conditioning equipment. Air handling units offered by us evenly distributes dehumidified dry air. This feature is very crucial during the manufacturing and stocking of pharmaceutical and other similar products. Our range of air handling units find numerous applications in hotels, malls, multiplexes, pharma, food industry, textile industry, tile industry, chemical industry, labs, jute industry, hospitals, wood, metal parts, paper industry and many more.

Al. extd. Profiles-Thermal Brake/Non Thermal Brake, With /without internal coving. Panels of 25 mm/50 mm, CFC free PUF Insulation 40 Kg/m3. Base frame, Nylon corners, Hinges, Al. aerofoil volume control dampers, DX/CHW Coils.