Biological safety cabinets construction with hepa filters

Biological Safety Cabinets

S.S.304 / 316 construction , with Minipleat Hepa filters & pre filters , UV Light with Hour Meter , Fluorescent lights, Motors with/without VFD, Magnehelic Gauges, PVC Curtains , Double Shaft Motors with impellers, Prebuffed /Matt finish. Perforated Table Top, Front Sash of toughened glass/ polycarbonate. PU Castor Wheels.

The primary function of Bio Safety Cabinet is to provide environment, product and personnel protection. It comprises of hepa filtration system which minimizes the chance of cross contamination. The inbuilt exhaust system helps discharging the product fumes and other chemical bi products in the atmosphere through a filter. Bio safety cabinets are available in powder coated Galvanized Steel, SS 304 / SS 316 or a combination of both.

  1. Multistage filtration
  2. Double skin construction
  3. Openable toughened glass sliding panel
  4. Exhaust system/ recirculating system